On Thursday, November 16th in the Main Chapel, 11 Theology I seminarians were instituted as Lectors and 9 Theology II seminarians were instituted as Acolytes.  The institution took place during Mass celebrated by Most Rev. Michael Barber, Bishop of Oakland.  Our newly instituted Lectors will demonstrate their love for Scripture by proclaiming the Word of God at seminary liturgies.  Newly instituted Acolytes will assist the deacon and the priest at seminary liturgies by preparing the altar and the sacred vessels.  Our new Lectors and Acolytes come from the (Arch)Dioceses of Agaña, Honolulu, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Suwon. 

St. Patrick’s thanks Bishop Barber for his presence, the Vocation Directors for their support and prayers, the lectors and acolytes for their faithfulness and service, and their families for their gifts of these men.  

Please keep our new Lectors and Acolytes in your prayers.