All graduates of Saint Patrick's Seminary & University satisfactorily complete programmatic requirements and fulfill the stated learning outcomes. Upon successful completion of the program, all those who are ordained receive a pastoral assignment.

B.A. Completion Program

In 2017-18, one hundred percent of those pursuing this degree successfully completed the program and were advanced to Major Seminary and are continuing their studies towards ordination in the Roman Catholic Priesthood.

Master of Divinity/Bachelor of Sacred Theology (M.Div/STB)

In 2017-18, 62.5 of graduates were ordained Roman Catholic priests. Graduates scored an average of 3.26 on the comprehensive examination process that serves as a core assessment tool designed to measure achievement and proficiency.

Master of Arts in Theology

2017-18 graduates completed their degree within an average of 0 years after completion of coursework. Our three graduates all opted for the course-work option and achieved an average GPA of 3.77, a score which serves to measure proficiency in the designated area of study.