"A vocation is discovered and accepted within a community.  It is formed in the Seminary, in the context of an educating community, comprised of various members of the People of God.  This community leads the seminarian, through ordination, to become part of the "family" of the presbyterate, at the service of a particular community." 

Ratio Fundamentalis

Human Formation

The spiritual, pastoral, and intellectual life of the seminarian depends on the cultivation of virtue, especially resilience, discipline, and compassion.



The formation program recognizes that recreation, strong community bonds, and physical activity are essential components of priestly development.


Residential Life

Situated on a beautiful campus, St. Patrick’s provides a serene atmosphere that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, human, and pastoral growth of seminarians,

The formation community at St. Patrick’s fosters maturity, faithfulness to the Church, intellectual depth, fortitude, love for the poor, a disciplined prayer life, and the human skills that will allow the seminarian to relate to those people to whom he ministers with ease and affection.  

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