Imagine a presentation where your heart is moved as much as your mind is engaged. Or imagine a speaker whose knowledge is extensive, delivery is clear and organized, and personality exudes charisma and holiness. This is what you will get from hearing a presentation by our upcoming guest speaker. St. Patrick's Seminary is happy to announce that Rev. Dennis McManus will be speaking at Priests' Day 2019 on November 26th. 

Fr. McManus has been a speaker at conferences, priestly retreats, and convocations. His talks have the effect of simultaneously driving a movement in the spirit while nourishing the intellect – bringing the listener closer to God. He is generous, compassionate, and prayerful with a particularly deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the recent SCRC Catholic Renewal Convention in Anaheim, Fr. McManus gave a brilliant talk on Faith in the Resurrection of the Dead. He profoundly explained our faith in the resurrection of the dead by speaking from his heart about his own life experiences. He renewed in the audience a respect for the sacredness of the dying process, the reverence of funeral rites, and the importance of the prayers for the dead through the Communion of Saints.

Fr. McManus has taught at Georgetown University since 1997. He holds a masterʼs degree in historical ethics from Georgetown University and a doctorate from Drew University in historical theology. Rev. Dennis is an associate professor of Systematic Theology at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary. He is also on the faculty of the Program for Jewish Civilization in the School of Foreign Service, offering courses in the history of Christian-Jewish conflict and the theory and practice of inter-religious dialogue.

The topic of his talk at Priests' Day 2019 is Imitate What You Celebrate: Liturgy and Priestly Identity. Priests today are invited to develop their spiritual lives from many great Catholic traditions, both ancient and modern. From monastic to ecological, spiritualities abound which promise unique ways to follow Christ and minister to his people. But is it possible that the Liturgy itself is already a school of spirituality for the priest? His talk will investigate how the celebration of the Roman Rite can orient both the spirituality and ministry of the priest, as well as help to define his identity in modern life. Fr. McManus is a speaker whom you should not miss. 

Priests' Day is open to ordained clergy and will include Fr. McManus' 2PM presentation. There will the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 3:15PM and a Holy Mass at 4PM. There also will be a social at 5:15PM with dinner following at 6PM. The entire event is free. Please RSVP online at https://www.stpsu.edu/priests-day.