The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a first professional degree. It is designed to foster basic theological understanding and develop initial pastoral competence in students preparing for priestly ministry.  The curriculum, in providing the intellectual foundation of an integral and initial formation program, involves an in-depth study of the Catholic theological tradition and a supervised practice of ministry.


All seminarians who enter into theological studies at STPSU are enrolled in the MDiv Program.  Together with MDiv Program Requirements and 12 units of Ordination Requirements, seminarians who successfully complete this course of study will have the intellectual formation necessary for priestly ministry.

With STPSU’s comprehensive and integrative theological curriculum, seminarians come to embody the Church’s rich intellectual heritage so that they can communicate it faithfully and convincingly to others. Field experiences integrated with the curriculum along with coursework equip the seminarians with the administrative and ministerial skills for parish leadership through coursework and field experiences. Courses in Homiletics and preaching opportunities for our transitional deacons help form engaging preachers. Our Liturgical Theology course sequence, community liturgies, and Practicum courses expose our seminarians to the beauty of the Liturgy so that they can celebrate the Sacraments reverently.

Prerequisites for Admission:

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree, have completed 30 semester units of philosophy in the areas identified in the Program of Priestly Formation (5th ed.) and 12 semester units of religious studies.  All other admission requirements as outlined in Section IV of this catalog apply.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the Catholic Faith as revealed in Sacred Scripture and Tradition and historically developed by the Magisterium.
  2. Apply prudently the principles of faith and morals to the lived experiences of the Christian faithful.
  3. Preach the Word of God faithfully and effectively. <
  4. Apply the relevant principles and norms in the reverent celebration of the liturgy and the sacraments.
  5. Demonstrate the qualities of spiritual fatherhood in pastoral ministry. <
  6. Practice responsible and collaborative leadership in parish administration. 


Program Requirements:

The first sequence of the M.Div. curriculum equips seminarians with the necessary Scriptural and Theological foundations.  The second sequence, “Pastoral Foundations”, provides students with courses in Pastoral Theology and offers a Pastoral Year Internship.  The Pastoral Year Internship is a 10-month full-time parish experience of pastoral ministry, typically in the student’s own diocese. This program is a six-unit program carefully monitored by a trained on-site supervisor (usually the pastor) in conjunction with the Director of the Pastoral Year Internship at the Seminary.  Normally, the Pastoral Year Internship takes place after II Theology.  After the Pastoral Year, students return to the Seminary for the completion of their final two years of theological training, the “Synthesis and Application” sequence.


The academic courses, which contribute to the achievement of Program Learning Outcomes, cover the following specific areas and number of credits:

Sacred Scripture18 credits
Moral and Spiritual Theology15 credits
Dogmatics (including Liturgical and Historical Theology)47 credits
Pastoral Studies (including Canon Law)38-40 credits*
Total118-120 credits

*Students may opt to take Pastoral Spanish I and II in lieu of Field Education in Fall and Spring semesters of Theology I.


Ordination Requirements:

In addition to the MDiv curriculum, all seminarians are required to complete the following 12 credits of Ordination Requirements: 

  • Synoptic Gospels (3 credits)
  • Moral Theology II: Virtues and Vices (3 credits)
  • Christology (3 credits)
  • Historical Theology I (3 credits)

The MDiv degree has the Pastoral Year Internship as a program requirement.  If the diocese should decide not to include the Pastoral Year in a seminarian’s program, the student should earn the six credits of pastoral year through additional pastoral work during the seminary program.

To complete successfully the program, students are expected to maintain an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.  During the last semester, the MDiv student must pass an oral comprehensive exam with a score of 2.5 out of 4.0.


MDiv Course of Study



Sequence 1: Scriptural and Theological Foundations

Year 1

SS-4102: Pentateuch and Historical Books (3)

SS-4107: Synoptic Gospels (3)*

SS-4104: Prophets (3)

SS-4109: Johannine Writings (3)

SD-4101: Fundamental Theology (3)

SD-4103: Theological Anthropology (3)

MT-4101: Moral Theology I: Fundamental Moral Theology (3)

MT-4111: Spiritual Theology (3)

GR-101: Greek I (3)/SP-101: Spanish (2)/

FE-4101: Field Ed (1)

GR-102: Greek II (3)/SP-102: Spanish (2)/

FE-4101: Field Ed (1)

PS-4121: Homiletics I: Proclaiming the Word (1)

Total: 13-15

Total: 14-16

Year 2

SS-5211: Pauline Corpus (3)

SS-5215: Hebrews, Catholic Epistles, and Revelation (3)

SS-5213: Wisdom Literature (3)

SL: 5211: Liturgical Theology I (3)

SD-5211: Trinity (3)

SD-5213: Christology (3)*

MT-5202: Moral Theology II: Virtues and Vices (3)*

MT-5203: Moral Theology III: Human Sexuality (3)

Sequence 2: Pastoral Foundations

SL-5201: Sacramental Theology I: Intro & Sacraments of Initiation (3)

PS-5222: Homiletics II: Fundamentals of Preaching (3)

FE-5203: Field Education (1)

FE-5204: Field Education (1)

Total: 16

Total: 16

Pastoral Year

PS-6501: Pastoral Year (3)

PS-6502: Pastoral Year (3)

PS-6511: Pastoral Theology I: Introduction to Parish Ministry (2)

PS-6512: Pastoral Theology II: Introduction to Parish Administration & Finance (3)

Total: 5

Total: 6

Year 3

Sequence 3: Synthesis and Application

SD-7341: Historical Theology I (3)*

SD-7342: Historical Theology II (3)

SL-7302: Sacramental Theology II: Eucharist (3)

SL-7303: Sacramental Theology III: Marriage (3)

MT-7304: Moral Theology IV: Catholic Social Teaching (3)

MT-7305: Moral Theology V: Bioethics (3)

PS-7323: Homiletics III: Preparing & Presenting the Homily (3)

PS-7331: Canon Law I: Introduction to Canon Law (3)

SL-7312: Liturgical Theology II (2)

SD-7321: American Catholicism & the New Evangelization (2)

PS-7305: Field Education (1)

PS-7306: Field Education (1)

PS-7331: Deacon Practicum (1)

Total: 15

Total: 16

Year 4

SD-8443: Historical Theology III (3)

SD-8444: Historical Theology IV (3)

SL-8404: Sacramental Theology IV: Penance & Anointing (3)

SL-8405: Sacramental Theology V: Holy Orders (3)

SD-8431: Ecclesiology (3)

SD-8435: Apologetics (2)

PS-8432: Canon Law II: The Sacraments (3)

SD-8433: Mariology (2)

PS-8413: Pastoral Theology III: Pastoral Counseling (2)

PS-8414: Pastoral Theology IV: Spiritual Direction (2)

FE-8407: Field Education (1)

FE-8408: Field Education (1)

PS-8432: Priest Practicum (1)

Total: 15

Total: 14

* = Ordination Requirement