Following a tradition dating back to Jesuit academic institutions in 1548, this week St. Patrick Seminary gathered to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit to thank God for His wonderful creation and salvation and to ask for the gifts of guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit for the coming academic year. Archbishop Cordileone, Auxiliary Bishop Robert F. Christian, OP, the community at St. Patrick's, and other honored guests celebrated a beautiful mass in our main chapel.

Also, as specified by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to Catholic colleges and universities, the new faculty at St. Patrick's Seminary professed their adherence to the teaching authority of the Church on the Catholic doctrine on faith and morals. FF. Lowe and Robinson and Drs. Feingold and Heereman gave their Oaths of Fidelity at the mass.

At the social event afterwards, Auxiliary Bishop Robert F. Christian, OP was honored with gifts from the seminary and by the Province of Dominicans of our faculty member Fr. Pius Pietrzyk, OP (the Province of St. Joseph) at the request of their Provincial, Very Rev. Kenneth Letoile, OP. The giving of the gift coincided with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Most. Rev. Edward Dominic Fenwick, OP, the American who founded the Order (the Province of St. Joseph) in the U.S. Fenwick went on to be the first Bishop of Ohio, and the first American Dominican to be consecrated a bishop in the U.S.

The gift was a wonderful set of vestments. The chasuble had on its back an embroidered "IHS" to recall Bishop Christian's membership in his own Province of Dominicans, the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. The vestments were made by Emily Uhl from Altarworthy Vestments in Seattle.

  • Archbishop Cordileone at 2018 Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Oath Of Fidelity - Mass of the Holy Spirit 2018
  • Signing The Oath Of Fidelity - Mass of the Holy Spirit 2018
  • Social Meals at the Mass of the Holy Spirit 2018
  • Bishop Christian And Father George at the 2018 Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Bishop Christian And Father Pius at the 2018 Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • St  Patrick Seminarians at Mass of the Holy Spirit