Our Mission

As a Catholic Seminary, our mission is to prepare good men as the future shepherds of the Church.

Our Vision

St. Patrick’s Seminary seeks to serve the Roman Catholic Church by forming priests dedicated to serving the people of God with the pastoral charity of Christ.

The Four Pillars of Priestly Formation

The Priestly Formation Program is centered around the Four Pillars of Priestly Formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. 

Human Formation: Seeks to help men become healthy and mature adults in the faith who can serve as bridges to others seeking Christ.

Spiritual Formation: Directs the men’s hearts to God by fostering a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, faithful priestly discipleship, and clarity in their vocations.

Intellectual Formation: Seeks to open minds and hearts to the wisdom of bringing together faith and reason.

Pastoral formation: Unifies and gives direction to the whole formation process. Directs the men to see Christ in those they serve. And to see Christ at work in themselves.